Can you introduce yourself and tell us a little about your past and your local political commitments?

European convinced, I am currently finishing my higher studies in political science at Sciences Po Bordeaux with a specialization in digital after studying public law.

It is thanks to a continuous European commitment that I joined the YDE to contribute to the strengthening of political Europe, which seems to me to be more necessary today than ever.

This commitment, initially associative within Eurofeel, in order to encourage the discovery of the functioning and actions of the EU, was then academic through my choice of Masters in European Affairs. And finally political when I joined the Young Democrats of the Gironde federation then the National Office.

The priority for Europe and the YDE over the next two years.

The YDE must carry a strong European project, focused primarily on youth in order to mobilise the latter, who was the great absentee of the past European elections. To do this, it is now necessary to fully engage in the European political space, starting with the coming campaign period.

More generally, it is essential to give the European Union the means to achieve its ambitions by:

– Politicizing the European debate and clearly exposing its problems in order to allow citizens to fully appropriate the economic, political, environmental, security stakes etc of the continent. This is achieved in particular through the action of MEPs within Parliament and in constituencies in the Member States.

– Providing the EU with own resources/other means of financing in order to guarantee an annual budget commensurate with the current challenges, starting by not cutting back on current expenditure following Brexit.

Young Democrats for Europe (YDE)
Jeunes Democrates Europeens (JDE)
YDE is the youth wing of the European Party.We embrace the key role of democratic principles, underlined in the Lisbon Treaty and shrined in our political belief: democracy, freedom, equality, participation, sustainability and solidarity.

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