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We are part of the Erasmus Generation. We consider the European Union as our common home. National boundaries are no more a limit but a gate to share our cultures and common values with other European citizens.

Students and young Europeans have long played as a spin-off in the process of European integration. Exchange programs such as Erasmus helped to develop a stronger feeling of participation inspiring a common European identity.

We embrace the key role of democratic principles, underlined in the Lisbon Treaty and enshrined in our political belief: democracy, freedom, equality, participation, sustainability and solidarity.


We believe in a political Europe. So far much work has been done but even more is needed.

We believe that we cannot wait to tackle Europe’s foremost challenges, among them, youth unemployment, migration and economic issues amongst others. We believe that the best way to tackle them is a more integrated European Union.

We want a stronger voice for Europe in the world: the EU Foreign Policy needs to narrow the gap between the member States and to express a unique position.

We want European Union to be in solidarity with continental and worldwide issues, while we want this solidarity to be shared across countries. We want Europe to be protagonist in the development of democracy and human rights within its borders and in the world.

We want a more efficient economic governance to avoid States’ default and speculative investments between EU member States.

We believe in freedom and democracy. We express our total solidarity to the youngsters fighting for the respect of the human rights and the rule of law all over the world. We consider fundamental the distinction between the religious and civil institutions and the promotion of equal gender policies in European countries, and in all countries.


Our mission is to promote and maintain high participation rates, to foster greater political involvement of European youngsters, to help shape the European Democratic Party across the Continent, to share our ideas through the New Media, to let the European Institutions consider the youth unemployment a key problem to fight, to promote youth as a part of the solution and not as an issue, to promote sustainability, to increase fundings for Education, Research and Development.

If we work hard enough and if we fight long enough, we can finally bring change to Brussels and to Europe.

We are the Young Democrats for Europe.