Hello. You were elected within the bureau of the Young Democrats for Europe at the last Congress in Bilbao in September. For your team, Europe has to show its face, then tell us who you are and what you do…

Can you introduce yourself and tell us in a few words about your background and your local political commitments?

I am Charles Coudoré, from France and I’m glad to be member of this newly elected team.

My background starts in my native city, Clermont-Ferrand, where I started Law studies. I began at the same time my political engagement particularly for the European elections campaign in 2009. Then, I finished a Master in European studies in Paris, in which I studied all subjects concerning Europe, regarding multilevel governance. I’m still working today on European questions. In civil society, I’m president of Parisian youth branch of Mouvement democrate and I’m involved in national and local bodies of the party too.

Europe is the main reason I decided to take part in a political movement. This motivation came really early, thanks to my travels in Europe, particularly in Germany. I feel really close to French-German friendship. These experiences bring concrete pictures of the European project and its implication in everyday life.

Beyond your civic commitment, can you tell us what are your favorite activities / leisure activities?

I have two main passions: cinema and sports. Both give the occasion for an escape.

Regarding the first one, it comes from the curiosity to follow the evolution of cinema. That’s why I watch many old and recent movies and do collections of most representative ones of particular kind. I’m very attached to some kind of movies or particular personalities.

Sports are more entertainment, with the support of some teams during the week-end!

Finally, one common point with those both activities is that it’s easy to do this with friends, an other passion!

I could add travelling, discovering Europe more and more !

The elected team, widely renewed around Miroslava Calegari, is at work for almost 3 months now. Can you tell us the reasons for your involvement in the movement and your mission in this team?

Our mission is giving to Europe concrete form.

We can’t now defend our values without a European level engagement. It’s necessary to spread our values and giving testimony to our European experiences because Europe will exist thanks to its citizens. Our voice has to be the proof that Europe is implied to our everyday day life. Democrats values have deep European values and this fight one of their historical position.

I will participate to the communication team, linked with project team putting focus on particular subject we should write on, and working on the development of our political positions.

Finally, according to you, what should be the priority for Europe and YDE for these next 2 years?

One priority should be to spread the European action clearly and simply. We have to reconnect citizens to this level. Because today, people ignore too many things about the European functioning and it serves populism with bad feelings and negative cliché about Europe. It’s not possible anymore and we have to react and show the real potential of a strong Europe.

At our level, we should work on promotion and training. Promotion by our ideas, and training about the functioning and to show we are all Europeans, every day.


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