My name is Anastasios Mitropoulos. I was born in 1989 in Athens, Greece where I currently live with my family.

I have studied Business Administration in Athens and from a young age I have been working in business management. Specifically, I have been working in wood and furniture sales. I am a general manager at a very well known company which is specialised in fine handmade wood furniture.

Politically, I have been an active member since the time I was studying in college. I was part of the school community and felt very passionate about doing something better for the whole team.

Good communication and cooperation is the key to team work. Team work is the characteristic which helps the community to go forwards. Working together and showing respect to one another is considered easy, yet it’s so rare. Today’s youth should focus on these aspects and start making small steps for a better Europe and a better tomorrow.

Young Democrats for Europe (YDE)
Jeunes Democrates Europeens (JDE)
YDE is the youth wing of the European Party.We embrace the key role of democratic principles, underlined in the Lisbon Treaty and shrined in our political belief: democracy, freedom, equality, participation, sustainability and solidarity.

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