My name is Asier Areitio and I live in Mungia, a small village in the Basque Country. I am 19 years old and I have always been interested in politics, especially in Basque and European politics. I am currently studying law and business at the University of the Basque Country (UPV-EHU).

I decided to get involved in EGI, the EAJ-PNV’s youth organisation, when I was 16. My reason to do so was the feelings I had towards the Basque Country and its culture. I decided I had to support the Basque liberation movement, in order to achieve independence from Spain or at least to exercise the Basque Country’s right to self-determination and to build our own future. Today in EGI, I am one of the ten members of the political bureau of Biscay, one of our historical territories.

I think that being a country nowadays involves being in the European Union in order to have strong colleagues into an overarching European environment, so that you can work in cooperation as well as for your own country. This cooperation is also necessary to achieve peace in Europe, which has been failing during so many years, as well as to to find a solution to our own problems whether economics, security or education-related.

In European politics, I think it is necessary to get closer to our population which does not feel it fully belongs to this European project – so that is what we are working for. We try to show the advantages that being and working in Europe gives us, and the importance of the decisions that are taken in this framework.

Finally, from my point of view, the Basque Country’s right to decide of our future can be achieved here in Europe. It is clearly necessary for us to work taking in account that this is the main aim of our political party.