Hello. You were elected within the bureau of the Young Democrats for Europe at the last Congress in Bilbao in September. For your team, Europe has to show its face, then tell us who you are and what you do…

My name is Laura and I am 28. I was born in Cosenza, in Calabria, Southern Italy. In this  city I attended university and I graduated in ancient literature. I currently work in Rome as assistant to Parliament. Even if the political situation in Italy is always “confused”, my job allows me to understand the mechanisms of the administration and to expend my knowledge.

Can you introduce yourself and tell us in a few words about your background and your local political commitments?

I joined the Partito Democratico when I turned 18. I ran for the elections in my municipality when I was 20. I am responsible for five years for the environment issues. Meanwhile API is born: Francesco Rutelli announced to quit the Partito Democratico with a book “Letter to a party never born” and with an assembly in Parma where all moderates gathered after being dispapointed. I immediately joined API and after a short time, we founded API Giovani. In January 2011, we held the first national assembly in Rome with the participation of about 300 young people from all over Italy.

In September 2011, a training school took place in Labro (RI) adressing several topics such as: economic crisis, young people in a changing world, the waste cycle, Europe and the challenges of the future.

During that year, an initiative was organized against the Mafia in Bologna; we made a communication campaign against nuclear power, against money laundering and to maintain public services during the referendum. We organized a conference on the administrative, a candlelight vigil against the violence in Syria. Various initiatives have been undertaken at local level. Even now, we are particularly focused on environmental issues.

Beyond your civic commitment, can you tell us what are your favorite activities / leisure activities?

I like culture, I have organized many meetings in my city. Since I am a graduate in ancient literature I have a real passion for the monuments, archaeological sites and I can just visit the ruins of “Magna Graecia”. In Italy the archaeological sites are a true wealth. As soon as I can, I like to walk on the stones rich in history and I like to read classics. We usually think that the US is a model of “democracy” but remember that democracy is born in Europe with great thinkers of Antiquity. I dream of Europe at the height of its history.

The elected team, widely renewed around Miroslava Calegari, is at work for almost 3 months now. Can you tell us the reasons for your involvement in the movement and your mission in this team?

I’m really proud for this responsibility in YDE and I’m very pleased that our party contain the term “democratic” in its name, we can be the “sentinel” of democracy. Many challenges and changes await European Union. In this difficult time, Europe must regain a leading role especially in the fight against populism.

My contribution to this project as VP of “Education and Training” is to think of insights regarding increasing of populist and extremist movements. The economic crisis has increased popular support for parties and right-wing movements that have always spread feelings contrary to the union and solidarity of the European community by associating them to xenophobic attitudes. We must take action to spread “our” idea of Europe because we believe in a Europe that would be open, tolerant and closer to the people.

 Finally, according to you, what should be the priority for Europe and the YDE for these next 2 years?
I still dream of the United States of Europe. I would like the PDE contribute to build this dream. We can do it if we continue to fight for economic growth and employment recovery, fiscal convergence, common foreign and energy policy. That is, for a Europe of the facts and not just of the rules.

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