Hello. You were elected within the bureau of the Young Democrats for Europe at the last Congress in Bilbao in September. For your team, Europe has to show its face, then tell us who you are and what you do…

Can you introduce yourself and tell us in a few words about your background and your local political commitments?

I am Mathieu Camescasse. I am the new Secretary General of Young Democrats for Europe. Deeply European, I have lived in France, Belgium, Switzerland and the United Kingdom and studied in Brussels, Geneva and London where I read European studies and Politics. Europe is one of my key preoccupations and that’s why I have tried to comprehend its multiple and complex aspects. I was involved with one of the first European Citizens’ Initiatives and worked for a European electoral campaign.

My engagement initially began during my studies being elected representative in Belgium and in Switzerland and creating a students’ association in Geneva. However my political commitment really started in London both locally and for French citizens living abroad. Since then I have been involved in spreading Democratic values and ideas.

Beyond your civic commitment, can you tell us what are your favorite activities / leisure activities?

My two passions are cooking and travelling. Both could be complementary and I really enjoy discovering new recipes and new products or even combining elements and creating new dishes.

Travelling the world and within Europe has always been a pleasure for me and I have been curious of discovering new political frameworks, ways of approaching politics, relations and political experiments.

The elected team, widely renewed around Miroslava Calegari, is at work for almost 3 months now. Can you tell us the reasons for your involvement in the movement and your mission in this team?

Democrats in Europe have their history, identity and values. They have therefore a great role to play for Europe. Young Democrats for Europe take an active part within this family. Naturally, I have got involved because I think the European level, as local and national levels regarding other issues, is a relevant level upon which to act in terms of environmental, employment, social and economic issues.

As Secretary General, I am the kingpin of our organization and I play a role of go-between and mediator with my teammates, between the different bodies within YDE and with our closest partners: EDP, ALDE Group and European organisations.

Finally, according to you, what should be the priority for Europe and YDE for these next 2 years?

Europe has to face several challenges within the next two years: struggling populism, obtaining a simplification shock and becoming more citizens-friendly, the EU cannot be an isolated island nor a disconnected structure from society and people. It needs to be more people associated. Young Democrats for Europe need to be proactive and take an active part. Even at our modest level, we should promote our vision of Europe and not allow populist parties and politicians describe Europe and the EU according to their myths and negative appearances, and act as intermediary between the European sphere and our members and their national members. The EU has always been an evolving and ever learning process: determination and hope are as important now as they always have been.

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