Hello. You were elected within the bureau of the Young Democrats for Europe at the last Congress in Bilbao in September. For your team, Europe has to show its face, then tell us who you are and what you do…

Can you present yourself and tell us in a few words about your background and your local political commitments?

Currently, I am the Vice-President of NEK (Neolaia Evropaikou Kommatos – Youth of the European Party of Cyprus) and via NEK, the Press and Information Secretary of the Cyprus Youth Council (CYC), a volunteer, non-governmental organization which acts as a platform of exchange and communication between all Cyprus Youth Parties and Youth NGOS.

Coming from a family who was always interested in politics, especially in domestic politics and in the Cyprus problem, I was inspired to be involved in politics since a young age.

Through my involvement with NEK and the CYC, my political commitment is to fight for the interests and the rights of my fellow citizens, especially young people and of my country. It is also to try the best of my power to help in shaping the kind of society I want to live in, promoting good governance, active citizenship, fighting for equality and for the general wellbeing of my fellow citizens.

Beyond your civic commitment, can you tell us what are your favorite activities / leisure activities?

My favorite leisure activities? Hm, well there are a few different things I could tell you about, as I can be a very active person when I get the chance to be when I am not working or dedicating time in my political activities. I would say that my most favorite leisure activity is horse riding. I have always loved horses and I have felt a deep connection with them. Horses are my favorite animal and, for me, nothing can be compared to the thrill of riding a horse across a field, across a beautiful forest or the beach, absorbing fresh and clean air. It is very invigorating ; I get the chance to connect with nature and I forget all my worries when I am riding a horse. I also love to travel and visit many different countries and cities across the world, photography and snorkeling in the summer. I love playing basketball as well but unfortunately I usually can’t find a friend interested in playing with me.

The elected team, widely renewed around Miroslava Calegari, is at work for almost 3 months now. Can you tell us the reasons for your involvement in the movement and your mission in this team?

I believe in the values of YDE. I share its values and through YDE, I wish to be more involved at the European level and to be more informed about European politics. My desire is to collaborate with other young people who are involved in politics, from different countries in Europe. Exchange views and knowledge, find together common solutions for common problems and promote our shared values and beliefs to help shape the European Union we want.

Finally, according to you, what should be the priority for Europe and the YDE for these next 2 years?

To the best of our ability, to fight for the Europe we want, for its young people and for all its citizens. Because for me, Europe, is above all, its citizens.

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