European Youth Event 2023


A YDE delegation gathered in Strasbourg on the 9th and 10th of June, joining young leaders, activists, and enthusiasts from all across Europe to engage in vibrant discussions, share ideas, and shape the future of our continent. EYE 2023 provided a unique platform for us to make a resounding impact and highlight the importance of democratic values, inclusivity, and progressive policies.

Our dedicated team was at the forefront, actively engaging with participants, fostering meaningful connections, and exploring collaborative initiatives. Through an exciting lineup of workshops, debates, and interactive sessions, EYE 2023 inspired and empowered us all.

Together, we discussed pressing issues such as climate action, social justice, and democratic reforms. We exchanged ideas, gained fresh perspectives, and worked towards bringing about positive change.

As part of our participation, we were honored to be invited to the exclusive breakfast organized by Renew Europe. This special event brought together inspiring individuals and allowed us to connect with like-minded individuals.

LYMEC Spring Congress in Budapest


At the beginning of May our board member Magdalena Ilg from Junge Freie Wahler represented YDE at LYMEC Spring Congress in Budapest.

Besides of the opportunity of holding a short speech about YDE it was a chance to connect with our partners from the Renew Europe Group.

It was an honor to meet Kira Rudik, who is member of the parliament in Ukraine and also listening to a speech from Luxemburg’s prime minister Xavier Bettel.

Further it was a pleasure to get to know the beautiful city of Budapest and hear more about Hungarian politics from Vice-Mayor Daniel Berg and Vice President of the youth party Momentum TizenX.

It is important that we as young politicians work on the future of Europe.
Therefore, we thank LYMEC for the invitation and the good cooperation.

IED General Assembly in Nuremberg


On May 8th 2023, we had the honour of participating in the 23th Institute of European Democrats General Assembly, a remarkable event that brought together representatives from various organizations, including YDE. It was a great honor to secure two seats, represented by our president Asier Aretio and our secretary general Alice Bernard-Montini who actively engaged in discussions contributing their insights and perspectives.

The Vice president of IED Gabi Schmitd took us on a captivating journey to the Bavarian Energy Center, where we explored various pioneering projects in hydrogen energy as a means to produce sustainable power. Witnessing Bavaria’s commitment to renewable energy was truly inspiring.

During our visit, we had the opportunity to delve deeper into the vibrant region of Bavaria. We learned about its rich cultural heritage, picturesque landscapes, and its reputation as a hub for innovation and excellence.

To complete this extraordinary experience, we indulged in Bavaria’s delightful traditional cuisine. From the tantalizing flavors to the warm hospitality, each dish embodied the region’s unique heritage. It was a true celebration of Bavarian culture, enjoyed alongside fellow attendees of the assembly.

Spring Academy in Lanzarote, Canary Islands

10/03/2023 – YDE attended the event in cooperation with IED

On March 10th 2023, in cooperation with the Institute of European Democrats (IED), Young Democrats for Europe (YDE) organized a gathering of young Europeans. The Academy took place at Lanzarote, a magnificent island in the Canary Islands. Lanzarote welcomed 24 young people from all over Europe including President and Secretary General of European Liberal Youth (LYMEC).

The Academy started with an opening speech of Mikel Burzako, Director of Institute of European Democrats followed with the speech of YDE spokesperson Sergio Soares (JFW) who shortly introduced our attendees to YDE, its history, mission and vision.
Participants held a minute of silence for the victims of a tragic shooting in Hamburg that happened a night before the Academy.

The first presentation on the topic Erasmus and Youth Mobility was held by Iñigo Arbiol from Department of International Relations and Humanities of the University of Deusto. He presented the advantages and disadvantages of the Erasmus program and how the program could be improved.

Presentation was followed by a workshop on implementing local policies in the agenda of European Union. Participants were divided into five working groups with the task to discuss local projects they think could be useful to implement on the EU level. Afterwards, each group had to present and shortly explain their conclusions to the rest of the participants.

Second presentation on the topic Gender Equality and Social Cohesion within the EU was held by David Gutzeit, Chairperson of the Freie Wähler Youth. Presentation was followed by a short and productive workshop on the topic. Each of the five groups discussed a different aspect of gender equality such as gender pay gap, gender equality and career, gender equality and climate change and gender equality and education.

To conclude our Academy, Gabi Schmidt, Deputy Federal Chairwoman of the Freie Wähler Party and Vice president of IED made closing remarks encouraging young people to be involved and take action because they are the future of European Union.

After the long but productive day, participants enjoyed the EDP sponsored dinner where they could exchange information about their different countries and cultures while strengthen bonds between each other and at the end realizing what it really means to be European.

Many thanks to all the participants for attending, see you next time!

Europe’s youth stand against Russian aggression and in support of Ukraine’s future

Europe’s youth stand against Russian aggression and in support of Ukraine’s future

Joint Declaration: Europe’s Youth Stand Against Russian Aggression & In Support of Ukraine’s Future

We, YEPP, YES, LYMEC, JEF, FYEG, YDE and EFAY, condemn the actions of the Russian Federation in the direct violation of international law and the peace established in Europe. Russia must cease all military actions, withdraw its military presence from Ukraine and desist from destabilising Europe’s Eastern regions.

These last few months have clearly shown that the Russian Federation does not look to adhere nor respect international law. Hence, we ask both the EU and NATO to take necessary measures and sanction Russia for their continued unprovoked and unjustified violations.

With the recent illegal recognition of two breakaway Ukrainian regions and unprovoked hostile attacks by the Russian Federation, we see it as crucial that necessary and consequential actions are taken. It is in times like these that clear and strong stances truly make a difference. The EU can no longer rely on effective rhetoric, but must instead take effective measures and turn words into actions.

We appeal to the EU to:
● Provide urgent Humanitarian aid and financial assistance where necessary
● Enhance security cooperation, included through the use of the European Peace Facility
● Impose strong and essential sanctions on Russia immediately
● Continue allowing Ukrainians into the EU without visas and fast-track asylum processes for Ukrainian refugees

All signing organisations of this statement will continue to stand for peace, security, diplomacy and rule of law. We cannot remain silent with a government that continues to go against our fundamental

Ukraine’s future lies in the hands of the country’s youth and over the coming weeks and months,consistent engagement with the country’s pro-European youth will play an important role in shaping the future they will have to live in.

We reiterate our commitment to both support and stand with our Ukrainian friends and thank our Ukrainian member organisations for their continued upholdment of our European values, despite all odds.

We all continue to #StandWithUkraine

The organisations:
• Youth of the European People’s Party
• Young European Socialists
• European Liberal Youth
• Young European Federalists
• Federation of Young European Greens
• Young Democrats for Europe
• European Free Alliance Youth

Young Democrats for Europe (YDE)
Jeunes Democrates Europeens (JDE)
YDE is the youth wing of the European Party.We embrace the key role of democratic principles, underlined in the Lisbon Treaty and shrined in our political belief: democracy, freedom, equality, participation, sustainability and solidarity.

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