Vienna Declaration

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Liberals, Centrists, Democrats & Reformists adopted the ‘Vienna Declaration’, a centrist counter-narrative ahead of key EU elections.

The possibility of a cozy relationship with the far-right or far-left, now or after the elections, is ruled out, and adherence to the mid-term agreement by the EPP and S&D, in which commitment are made to:

  • Democracy and values, fundamental rights and EU reform
  • Extension of the Schengen-area to Romania and Bulgaria and further integration of Ukraine in the EU
  • Less bureaucracy and more enforcement of the EU Internal Market laws
  • Humane and effective migration policies
  • Deliver climate neutrality

We are committed to Europe but we know it is not perfect. Europe needs institutional reform to become more efficient and democratic with citizens at its centre. Through the Conference on the Future of Europe, citizens have called for bold reforms and treaty change, and we must hear their
voice. Europe is our future. Its destiny is in our hands. We will continue to renew it for the benefit of all. We call upon those who share our priorities to join forces and support our cause.

From the Vienna Declaration

A single political entity strives for a Europe that fosters opportunities and grounds the discussion. That force is Renew Europe.

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