Florence, 8 March

On the 8th of March YDE delegation attended the Convention of the European Democratic Party. Members of our delegation were Asier Areitio (President), Alice Bernard-Montini (Secretary General), Sergio Medina (Treasurer) and Antonella Velić (Vicepresident).

Preparing for the upcoming European elections, after months of hard work, we finally unvield the EDP Manifesto! With 300 priority proposals the Manfifesto outlines top priorities for shaping the future of the European Union.

We had the opportunity to hear the speeches of Jean-Noel Barrot (French Minister Delegate in charge of Europe), Sandro Gozi (EDP Secretary General), Nicola Danti (Italian MEP), and François Bayrou (President of EDP) along with the insights of many other delegates attending the Convention.

After the statutory part of the Convention we also attended four inspiring panels with topics concerning the future of our continent. Green Europe, Inclusive Europe, Safe Europe and Sovereign Europe are not just the names of those panels, these topics can also be found in the EDP Manifesto!

We were honored to hear the words of Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya, Belrusian politician, whose steadfast advocacy for the people of Belarus amidst challenges to freedom of speech and politics is a testament to her unwavering commitment to democratic values.

Let’s Rock EU!


Spring Academy in Lanzarote, Canary Islands

10/03/2023 – YDE attended the event in cooperation with IED

On March 10th 2023, in cooperation with the Institute of European Democrats (IED), Young Democrats for Europe (YDE) organized a gathering of young Europeans. The Academy took place at Lanzarote, a magnificent island in the Canary Islands. Lanzarote welcomed 24 young people from all over Europe including President and Secretary General of European Liberal Youth (LYMEC).

The Academy started with an opening speech of Mikel Burzako, Director of Institute of European Democrats followed with the speech of YDE spokesperson Sergio Soares (JFW) who shortly introduced our attendees to YDE, its history, mission and vision.
Participants held a minute of silence for the victims of a tragic shooting in Hamburg that happened a night before the Academy.

The first presentation on the topic Erasmus and Youth Mobility was held by Iñigo Arbiol from Department of International Relations and Humanities of the University of Deusto. He presented the advantages and disadvantages of the Erasmus program and how the program could be improved.

Presentation was followed by a workshop on implementing local policies in the agenda of European Union. Participants were divided into five working groups with the task to discuss local projects they think could be useful to implement on the EU level. Afterwards, each group had to present and shortly explain their conclusions to the rest of the participants.

Second presentation on the topic Gender Equality and Social Cohesion within the EU was held by David Gutzeit, Chairperson of the Freie Wähler Youth. Presentation was followed by a short and productive workshop on the topic. Each of the five groups discussed a different aspect of gender equality such as gender pay gap, gender equality and career, gender equality and climate change and gender equality and education.

To conclude our Academy, Gabi Schmidt, Deputy Federal Chairwoman of the Freie Wähler Party and Vice president of IED made closing remarks encouraging young people to be involved and take action because they are the future of European Union.

After the long but productive day, participants enjoyed the EDP sponsored dinner where they could exchange information about their different countries and cultures while strengthen bonds between each other and at the end realizing what it really means to be European.

Many thanks to all the participants for attending, see you next time!

EDP Presidency meeting in Rome

The European Democratic Party, held an enlarged Presidency meeting in Rome on Thursday , 19 July 2018. The main topic of the meeting was the preparation of the 2019 European elections and discussion on the manifesto. Anita Velić Fabijanić, the spokesperson of YDE participated on the meeting.

On the meeting many topics were discussed. Some of them are competitivity, innovation, climate change, migrations, refugees, foreign affairs, corruption but also the youth problems. We hope that the youth suggestions will be accepted and that reactions of the presidency are positive.


Back to our June’s event on European Borders in Paris

The Young Democrats for Europe organised a seminar in Paris on “European borders” on the 12th, 13th and 14th of June. This event mobilised members of the UDI Jeunes and Jeunes Démocrates to work on three different issues: European and international cooperation, cultural identity and education, as well as defence and security.

Young Democrats for Europe Board members welcomed the participants Friday evening at the UDI office. Antoine Carette, President of Jeunes Démocrates, in his remarks explained the importance of Europe for our future, the necessity of joint work between the MoDem and the UDI, and the Alliance of Democrats and the Liberals in the European Parliament where our MEPs sit. He described the debate that occurred at the EDP Council early June on migration.

Pierre Bornand, Vice-President of the YDE presented the organisation, explaining the structure and the different events, and recalled that the YDE welcome new motivated members to work on communication and other projects. . Sarah Robin, Deputy Secretary General of YDE, described the program of the seminar and how the participants should proceed to share their ideas and end up with contributions for each of the three commissions.

Saturday morning, all participants gathered in EstEnsemble agglomeration (local administration in charge of some public services) offices. The Mayor of Bobigny, Stéphane de Paoli, welcomed the audience in the room of the community council. After explaining that the European multiculturalism was in our veins, he reminded us that himself, born in a family of Italian immigrants, was a child of Europe. Then, participants split into three groups and join their respective committees to begin their work.

Olivier Cadic, French Senator representing French citizens living abroad, started with the first hearing. For him, there is a considerable lack of Europe in the development of companies & SMEs. Despite the existence of a European business model, it is not enough put forward by the Member States. He also addressed the question of the job of the future: the slogan should be “No people, no paper”. He already practiced this method in his company already, allowing it to benefit from flexible hours and make calls for specific skills at the right time.

Audition d’Olivier Cadic lors du séminaire… par JDE-YDE

The second person to be heard was Sophie Auconie, Governor at the World Water Council and French MEP from 2009 to 2014. For her, the existence of a European sense of belonging and a European culture depends mainly on the teaching of history and knowledge of European countries. She suggested that the history of the 28 EU countries should be reinforced at school. Moreover, she noted that the EU does not send the right signals to the youth by naming a Hungarian commissioner for education and citizenship, country where we can see an authoritarian drift during the past months.

Audition de Sophie Auconie lors du séminaire… par JDE-YDE

After a convivial lunch with Sophie Auconie, it was the turn to our last guest, General Perruche, to speak.

General Perruche was the Director-General European Union Military Staff from 2004 to 2007. Since 2012, he is the President of Eurodident -France, an association gathering 14 countries and specialised on European defence issues.

According to General Perruche, Europe’s fundamental problem is that the European nations transfer the skills they lose or have already lost. It should also be remembered that the last French White Book on defence was issued in 2013. It has a chapter on what Europe can do for France, but not on what France can do for Europe. This represents well the current situation of European cooperation and problems of national selfishness.

Audition du Général Jean-Paul Perruche lors du… par JDE-YDE

The three committees continued their work during the late afternoon. In the evening, participants gathered around a dinner offered by the EDP.

On Sunday morning, at the MoDem offices, the rapporteurs of the three committees presented the first written proposals of their commission. They also answered many questions from members of other committees.

The weekend ended with a brunch offered by the PDE. Participants were able to complete their exchanges in a friendly atmosphere and share their contacts in order to finalize the work of the commissions, which will be sent to MEPs during fall to contribute to the current debate within the EDP and ALDE group.

Europe is a political project

The VI EDP Congress, held in Brussels, has just concluded after two days of discussion. More than 100 delegates, coming from 17 different countries have attended. The Congress took place during a signifying period for Europe and Italy.

With regards to Italy, the previous days had been marked by a controversy between Italian and German governments about the Italian debt; controversy arisen from the words of Angela MERKEL against Italian policies about debt reduction animating the last few weeks of the Italian semester.
Regarding the Italian presidency of EU Council semester, Matteo RENZI said that “we faced a big challenge: to find the soul of the EU and to find the deep sense of European togetherness” and “this challenge inevitably affected our results”. Indeed, the Italian presidency results seem below our expectations – as Matteo RENZI admits – but in consideration of the hard troubles we had to tackle, we still managed to achieve important results such as the review of tax policies and a better coordination among member states. Anyway, these achievements have not been perceived by the population: Europe is still identified as foreign institution.
At present time, the quotation of a former President of the Italian Republic, Carlo Azeglio CIAMPI, is still topical: he defined Europe mainly “a political project”.

For such reasons, we must be aware that EDP role is very important: a crucial role because we – as EDP members – are concrete politicians and we have tried, even during our conference, to bring a human dimension to EU policy and policies. Our way to be politicians is intended not just as “muscle power show”, but mainly as the courage to suggest the right solutions, even if they could be difficult to understand at a first sight. We really believe that such behaviour will bring European people closer to our party.

On November 23rd, local elections in Calabria marked an amazing achievement for us, by electing Flora SCULCO, a young woman who joined the EDP project, as Congress delegate and Calabria MRP. During her electoral campaign, we talked a lot about European Institution and about all the issues we recently discussed in Brussels EDP Congress: economic growth and employment recovery, fiscal convergence, common foreign policy, immigration and fight against human trafficking. We have the proof that such topics are not unrealistic and they stimulate the debate among people and between our party and people.

In conclusion, a short hint about a crucial theme, the sustainable development. Lima’s summit (COP20), the environmental summit preparatory to Paris Conference, has just ended without gaining significant results, nevertheless reaching some progress in the fight against climate change that, we all know, represents a real challenge for the future.
The Young Democrats for Europe (YDE) will surely engage with passion these challenging issues. Together we can realize the project of Europe as a political union.

By Laura Venneri

Young Democrats for Europe (YDE)
Jeunes Democrates Europeens (JDE)
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