New Young Democrats on the block!

Following their Congress held in Paris on the 1st of October 2016, the Young Democrats for Europe elected a new board of ten members for a two years mandate led by:  Antoine Carette as President, Vincent Delhomme as Secretary General, Begona Garteizaurrecoa as Spokesperson, and Bettina Schwarz as Treasurer.

Coming from more than 15 European countries, delegates and guests discussed the need to support a stronger involvement of citizens at the EU level and the potential consequences of Brexit on the European Union. Antoine Carette, newly elected president, pointed out that: “European elections should be humanised and transnational lists, that Guy VERHOFSTADT promotes, are key to achieve it”.

On this occasion, a new member organisation in Greece also joined the European Democrats’ Youth: the Union of Centrists’ Youth (Νεολαία Ένωσης Κεντρώων), whose party recently entered the Greek Parliament. The Young Democrats therefore counts eleven member organisations in nine European countries.

The Young Democrats for Europe is the youth wing of the European Democratic Party and one of the youth wings of the ALDE Group. The European Democratic Party is one of the European political party officially recognised by the European Parliament.

Founded in 2007, The Young Democrats for Europe primarily seek the establishment of a stronger and more integrated Europe and embrace the core values of the European Union: democracy, freedom, equality, participation, sustainability and solidarity. Their mission is also to foster greater political involvement of the European youth and raise awareness on the many problems it faces, such as access to higher education, mobility and unemployment.

Welcome to Union of Centrists Youth from Greece

At the occasion of their Congress held on the 1st of October, the Young Democrats for Europe had the pleasure to welcome a new member: the Union of Centrists Youth (or Νεολαία Ένωσης Κεντρώων in Greek), whose party recently entered the Greek Parliament.

They share with us the democratic values and ideas of the pro-European political family.

We are particularly happy to extend our reach in Greece, the historical heart of Europe and the birthplace of democracy. Our organisation is now present in 9 countries throughout Europe and counts 11 member organisations.



Welcome to Citizens’ Alliance Youth from Cyprus

Just a month before the General elections in Cyprus, the Young Democrats for Europe are glad to welcome its second Cypriot member organisation: Citizens’ Alliance Youth.

They will promote our democratic and pro-European values and ideas during this campaign.

Our organisation is now present in 8 countries thanks to its 10 member organisations.

We are also happy to welcome a new Board member from this organisation: Kyriacos.


Joining the European Youth Forum!

The Young Democrats for Europe are glad to join the European Youth Forum family this weekend! This will be an important step towards our long-term development. Being the 101st member will allow us to take part more actively in the policy-making process involving young people at the European level.

We will also be able to cooperate with other European Non-Governmental Youth organisations and more especially political youth organisations such as JEF, LYMEC.

We will therefore be given the opportunity to develop and promote our positions on Youth empowerment, freedom of movement amongst other issues and work actively on strengthening democratic ideas and values in Europe, promoting and defending European citizens’ rights and freedoms, and fighting against populism in Europe.


Beyond the gloomy present: your Democratic impulse! – IED/YDE Winter Academy

This first IED/YDE Winter Academy Edition gathered in Brussels about 30 young centrists from all over Europe.

Speakers with various backgrounds and responsibilities participated in making this event interesting, lively and a general success. Amongst these speakers were François Pauli (deputy Secretary General of the ALDE Group), François Lafond (member of the Scientific Committee of the IED), Claude Rolin (Belgian MEP), Henri Malosse (Former EESC president), as well as young experts such as Marinella Davide, Wilhelm Bargum, Stepan Berko, Mihai Sebe, Jeremy Van Gorp, and Mathieu Baudier.

IED/YDE Winter Academy – Dec'15 – Beyond the gloomy present: y…

What do more than 30 young Centrists do just a week before Christmas? Reflect, exchange, learn and plan on a brighter future for Europeans and #Europe

Posted by Young Democrats for Europe (YDE) on Tuesday, 29 December 2015

The European Union is facing one massive challenge and all the participants agreed on it: the EU has nearly no budget and is facing great adversity and expectations both internally and externally. The EU’s Budget – 1% of the EU-28’s Gross National Income (just a little bit above Hungary’s GNI) – is far too small for 508 million Europeans. With 75% of its expenditure going to the Common Agricultural Policy and the Regional Cohesion Policy, there is very few left to tackle tremendous crises and challenges at a continent scale such as those currently faced by the EU.

We understand that we need more Europe where it is necessary to tackle those challenges. However, the current organisation of European institutions and the Eurosceptic climate in Europe is a break we, Democrats, will have to handle.

Improving our messages and how the EU is functioning are the only ways to tackle challenges such as youth unemployment, which is “a cancer for our societies”, as Claude Rolin explained. A dematerialised economy and politicians understanding what it means for someone to be unemployed for several months or years are one of the key issues Europe needs to address.

Our internal challenges should not make us forget about external challenges, those just happening at and within our borders. We need to rethink the way we approach the Eastern partnership considering the current and the potential future geopolitical situation. We need to support Democrats where they are, battling for a better, independent, society, just like in Ukraine.

No practical solution can be found without values. Solidarity was exuding from our different talks. Solidarity between citizens after the recent terrorist attacks, solidarity with smaller countries threatened by climate change, solidarity with youngsters who thrive to integrate, solidarity between Member States in tackling the refugees’ crisis.

It is crystal-clear that European Union members have not found the answer yet to handle the refugees’ crisis following a truly humanist path regarding refugees and migrants; nor in a fair way for Member States such as Greece, Italy or Spain which have been asked to handle on their own a region-wide situation, or Germany and Sweden showing solidarity for all others. Fighting opposition one by one is the best way to fail and fall one by one.

While the present does look gloomy, it is not too late to avoid more deadlocks. But solutions will not happen without everyone’s contribution and it is about time to roll up our sleeves.

Special thanks to Eimys Ortiz and Mathieu Camescasse for making it happen.

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