ALDE Summer Academy | 1&2 July

This 2015 edition of ALDE Group’s Summer Academy aims at explaining what the parliamentarian group represents and discussing solutions to get our continent growing and youth working. It will be an occasion to understand how the ALDE Group’s galaxy works for us: the parliamentarian group, its two European political parties (EDP and ALDE party), their political foundations (IED and ELF), their youth organisations, as well as the group at the Committee of the Regions.

We want to be given the tools to understand and confront the problem that most affect our generation: unemployment. For that youths will approach issues such as brain drain, mobility, free trade, entrepreneurship and apprenticeship. During these two days of intensive work, young Liberals and Democrats will gather in Brussels to work and network for a Europe that works for young people!

Democrat speakers will attend this event, amongst them: Marian Harkin, Jean Arthuis, Jean Marie Beaupuy, François Lafond.

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The 1st Summer Academy was organised in 2007.  This event brings together more than 100 liberal and democrat youths from all over Europe as well as from Macedonia, Russia, Ukraine, San Marino and Bosnia and Herzegovina. The Academy provides a unique opportunity for the young people to come together, to listen to and discuss with Members of the European Parliament, representatives from EU Institutions and experts in the area related to the topic of the Academy.

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Manifesto: keep the internet open!


Access to a free digital network is essential. All data should be treated on the Internet equally and not discriminated or charged differentially by user, content or mode of communication. We sign the Youth4NetNeutrality manifesto to guarantee freedom of speech, safeguard equality and open internet principles.


For the first time in history, the youth of Europe is united from conservative to progressive, from left to right, from North to South and from East to West to stand up together for an issue that we deeply care about.

We stand up for the open internet. An internet without censorship. An internet where all data is treated equally. An internet without network discrimination. An internet without anti-competitive agreements.

As youth of Europe, we therefore call upon the Council of the European Union to preserve network neutrality in the Telecoms Single Market Regulation proposal as drafted by the European Parliament. We strongly urge the Council to define net neutrality clearly – and without any loopholes – in order to safeguard equality, facilitate fair competition and foster innovation.

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Hope for the future, pride to be European

V Hope

Young Democrats for Europe have hope for the future.
Europeans like Europe but regret its inability to solve problems such as unemployment which stays one of our key concerns. Hit by the crisis, unable to fix an effective strategy, European leaders have failed.
They are the ones Europeans consider guilty, not the European Union. Nevertheless, the European project is a victim of this failure.
Young Democrats for Europe want to pursue the European dream, this is therefore essential that our governments finally manage to re-create growth and employment.

This is the only solution for European youth in particular to reconcile with Europe and its governments.
Therefore, to reach that aim, Europe has to begin a policy of economic stimulation by launching across all the territories projects based on the requirement of environmental protection and the creation of infrastructures tightening links between peoples.

As we know, if Europe agrees to subsidise those important projects, millions of local jobs will be created and the project to bring people closer would be strengthened.

Regarding environment, Europe has to increase investments in renewable energy and in construction of public transport networks in all the European important cities. This will contribute to combating global warming, to the improvement of Europeans’ everyday life and to developing  European metropolises.

Solutions exist. Now we need political courage to implement them.
This is the only way to revive the European ideal…


Pride to be European


Young Democrats for Europe are proud to be Europeans.

With regard to the history of Europe, Europeans are aware of their role and influence in the world. We know that numerous countries consider the European Union as a model of human development. Health, Culture, Gastronomy, the luxury and high-technology industry, cinema, architecture,… all these areas illustrate the European know-how and contribute to its outreach.
This reality is an opportunity and a resource that we must harness.
Building on these strengths, the European Union finally achieves to create a functional diplomacy capable of defending our interests and promoting our culture in the world.

Thanks to this active policy of outreach, Europe will be able to make “its” citizens proud to belong to a humanist civilization.
By reconciling with its past and its assets, Europe will be able to contribute to the creation of Europeans, ambassadors.
In order to achieve this, beyond its internal political construction, Europe has to play a role on the international stage, in particular on the territories connected to our history. The latter aspire to develop themselves and to another model than those of the United States or China. This is our duty to hear, understand and to answer this call for help.

Wherever States tear themselves, our experience of conflict settlement should be used. To make Europeans proud and confident in the future, the European Union has to assume and accept its role of major power.

Bilbao: A political renewal for the youths of the EDP

Coming from ten European countries, on the 26th, 27th and 28th of September, more than fifty delegates of European youth organisations gathered for a debate on the new political direction of the Young Democrats for Europe (YDE), the European Democratic Party youth organisation, and to renew their management team.

Meetings, exchanges and conviviality.

After Aitor Esteban – Spanish EAJ-PNV MP -, Matteo Fiorini – only YDE member who was Head of State – and Mihai Sebe’s speeches, the Congress opened with the previous team reports. Then, two organizations were accepted unanimously within the Young Democrats for Europe: UDI Jeunes (France) and Youth of the National Forum (Croatia). Significant changes to the statutes were adopted, which allow the organisation to be more dynamic and efficient with improvements such as a better integration of individual members. Finally, at the end of the day, a new team was elected based on different but complementary profiles. The new YDE team, led by Miroslava Demkova, will aim at revitalizing  the structure and expanding it.

This Congress was the occasion for the Young Democrats for Europe to reaffirm their long-term political project for the coming years. Projects on Youth unemployment and empowerment in politics, EU foreign policy and peoples’ self-determination in Europe  will be launched in the coming weeks.

Throughout this weekend, different activities organized by the young Basques from Euzko Gaztedi Indarra also allowed delegates to discover the Basque culture. This Congress ended with the Basque National Party day, one of the most important annual events in the Basque Country gathering more than 50,000 people.

“The ERASMUS generation has no job!”

On September 27th 2014, the Young Democrats for Europe (YDE) elected at their Congress in Bilbao their new Bureau members.

On this occasion, the YDE underlined the need to tackle youth unemployment and the lack of influence of the European Union in the world.

“From Spain, where unemployment affects more than 51% of young people, we urge the EU to create an economic shock to revive investment and solve massive youth unemployment. The ERASMUS generation has no job!” explained Miroslava DEMKOVA, the new elected President, who recalled the direct impact, unemployment could have on the risk of populism in Europe.

Jeremy COSTE, spokesperson, called “the European Union to play a role as world power on the most important crises the world is going through whether at its borders, in the Middle East or in Africa. The EU cannot be any longer just a pushing power. We expect the EU to become a leading power and to ensure global peace.”

The Young Democrats for Europe are the youth branch of the European Democratic Party, part of the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe at the European Parliament. At the Bilbao Congress, delegates from 10 youth organisations coming from 8 European countries elected a 10-member Board with Miroslava Demkova from Slovakia as President. She will work closely with a Secretary-General, Mathieu Camescasse (France), a treasurer, Johannes Meiners (Germany), and a spokesperson Jérémy Coste (France).

Message from Ivo Vajgl (EDP MEP from Slovenia) – 2014 YDE Congress by JDE-YDE

Young Democrats for Europe (YDE)
Jeunes Democrates Europeens (JDE)
YDE is the youth wing of the European Party.We embrace the key role of democratic principles, underlined in the Lisbon Treaty and shrined in our political belief: democracy, freedom, equality, participation, sustainability and solidarity.

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