Young Democrats of Poland meet API Lazio delegation.

Związek Młodzieży Demokratycznej (Young Democrats of Poland) meet API Lazio delegation. Krakow, November 4th 2011
Aleksandra Rosińska, YDE Officer, welcomes in the historical party HQ in the center of Krakow the Italian delegation led by Hon. Mario Mei and Luciano Nobili. Together with them the President of YDE Marco Cappa.

YDE Council in San Marino, October 1st-2nd 2011

The new Bureau fixed in San Marino the first Council to establish 2012  roadmap and activities.
In this occasion they took part to the investiture of his excellency Matteo Fiorini (former YDE representative and now EDP council member for the party Alleanza Popolare) to the role of Captain Regent (Chief of State) of the most serene Republic of San Marino. YDE leaders were honored guests according to the Protocol of the Ceremony applied for 300 years since the foundation of the Republic in 1711.


Video Labro September 3rd 2011, Summer School of API

Marco Cappa and Rod Snyder interviewed after the debate “Youngsters in politics in this changing world”. This was the occasion for YDE-YDA leaders to confirm the will to work together. Global challenges need common response. Together with them also Niverte Gadallah, Egyptian Blogger, Sveinung Rotevatn, leader of the Young Liberals of Norway and Gabriele Beghini, API youth.

Video Speech of Marco Cappa at YDA Convention July 30th 2011

The keynote speech of Marco Cappa, President of Young Democrats for Europe, at the Convention of the Young Democrats of America in Lousville, Kentucky. He was the honored international guest invited by the YDA Bureau to strenghten the cooperation between the two organizations. The EDP representative, Luciano Nobili, was also there.
The YDA confirmed Rod Snyder as President of the organization and Heather Brown as Chief of Staff.

Young Democrats for Europe (YDE)
Jeunes Democrates Europeens (JDE)
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