Statement on the Constitutional amendment adopted in Slovakia

Young Democrats for Europe support their Slovak member organisation Mladí Európania and its strong disagreement with the constitutional changes approved 2 weeks ago in Slovakia.

On the 4th of June 2014, the National Council adopted the Constitutional Act, which defines marriage as “a unique bundle of one man and one woman”.

YDE believe in freedom and democracy and express our total solidarity to the youngsters fighting for the respect of the human rights. YDE consider fundamental the distinction between religious and civil Institutions and the promotion of equal gender policies.

Young Democrats for Europe respond to the Miroslava Demková’s call – one of our Council members and president of one of our Slovak member organisations.

“We call on all who claim to fundamental values the European Union is based on, to not look from afar and to not remain silent but take concrete steps to protect the fight against all forms of racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia and intolerance.”

Mladí Európania is very concerned about the fact that SMER – Social Democracy (their MPs supported the Constitutional amendment) is a member of Party of European Socialists (PES) and duringthe 2014 European elections, only a month ago, SMER-Social democracy candidates promoted tolerance values as written in the 2014 PES Manifesto values:

We will be relentless in our fight against all forms of racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia and intolerance.”

“We will […] ensure that no person is denied a job, a position, a future or any other fundamental right because of the color of their skin, sexual orientation, identity, religion, age, gender, disability, political opinion or any form of discrimination.”

Mladí Európania is calling to officials to take concrete actions towards this act made against Slovak citizens.

Bratislava: last Council before the elections

A month before the European elections, the Young Democrats for Europe delegates gathered in Bratislava for a council meeting – the last before May the 25th. They also participated in an IED conference on the risk of populism in Europe; some speakers being amongst our members. Populism in France, Italy and Romania – amongst others – were discussed.

Our council was hosted by our council member and EDP candidate in Slovakia, Miroslava Demkova.

YDE Council – March’14 : European elections as a focus

YDE Council - March 2014

On 27.2-1.3.2014, delegations from Young Democrats for Europe met in Brussels and participated in the EDP Council. During this Council, the European elections manifesto was approved unanimously. This manifesto promotes a more united and stronger Europe. New members joined our party: 2 individual members from the German “Freie Wähler”.

This EDP event was an opportunity to gather EDP youths. A YDE council was therefore organised, in which we discussed our projects and our future strategy for the upcoming European elections. 

One of our projects is titled 10years for 10 countries within the European Union. The 1st of May will be the 10th anniversary of the biggest EU enlargement. Concerning this event, we have started to question youngsters from these countries to find out how they feel after 10 years in the European Union. This questionnaire is available in Slovak, Poland, Greek and English.

This is just the beginning: follow us and stay informed with our latest news, events and projects.

This Guy for President!


The European Democratic Party has chosen Guy Verhofstadt, former Belgian Prime Minister and current leader of the ALDE group in the European Parliament, as its candidate for the European Commission Presidency. The Young Democrats for Europe supports this decision.

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